Meaningful Use Stage 2 Progress, HIPAA Breaches, and Changes at the ONC

There is slow progress towards Meaningful Use Stage 2. According to the latest report published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), almost 95 percent of hospitals have registered for the Meaningful Use program and 91 percent of hospitals have received reimbursements for Stage 1. However, the work towards Stage 2 attestation is moving at a slower pace. It appears that only 447 eligible professionals and eight eligible hospitals have attested to Stage 2 in 2014. Given the slow progress, CMS is working towards a deadline extension for Stage 2.  St. Joseph Health experiences their third reported HIPAA breach.  An…

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ICD-10 Webinar, Meaningful Use Frustrations, Monumental HIPAA Settlement

Upcoming Webinar addresses planning in the wake of the ICD-10 Delay After the abrupt congressional move to delay the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding, many healthcare organizations are experiencing implementation paralysis. But now, CMS has made it official: October 1, 2015 is the new deadline.  On Tuesday, May 13 at 3pm EDT Phoenix Health Systems will host a live, 45-minute webinar that addresses the strategic challenges of the new deadline, head on.  Phoenix’ ICD-10 team, Thomas Grove, Principal and D’Arcy Guerin Gue, Executive Vice President, will answer key questions like “What does the ICD-10 delay mean for my organization?” They will also discuss how to ensure the smoothest…

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Omnibus HIPAA is Here

Two weeks from yesterday is the deadline for compliance with the new Omnibus HIPAA rule. As of September 23rd, healthcare providers and their business associates must comply with numerous new privacy and security requirements. There are hefty federal penalties, plus major public and community relations risks, if violations occur.

Omnibus HIPAA: Healthcare IT Vendors’ Secret Vulnerability

When Phoenix set up its exhibit earlier this year at HIMSS13 in New Orleans, I had just published “The Essential Guide to Omnibus HIPAA,” an analysis of the far-reaching new federal Omnibus HIPAA Rule that was released in January, 2013. To get the conversation moving, we also set up a group on LinkedIn and called it The Omnibus HIPAA Forum. It made sense to perform a survey about Omnibus HIPAA awareness during the conference. The new Rule must be implemented by September 23rd this year, so we assumed we would get plenty of response. And, because the new Rule now…

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Stronger Enforcement of HIPAA | Part Six of Our Omnibus HIPAA Series

With each new iteration of HIPAA, it seems that HHS’ reach grows wider and its power stronger. It’s no surprise that the new omnibus HIPAA Rule imposes significantly stronger enforcement of HIPAA, given the increase in the numbers and severity of privacy / security breaches over the last few years.

New Breach Notification Requirements | Part Five of Our Omnibus HIPAA Series

In a surprise move, the new omnibus HIPAA Rule has modified the breach notification requirements.  As a result, HHS has also altered the criteria to be used in the risk assessment that covered entities must perform when there has been a potential breach. Seemingly minor, these changes may dramatically increase the number of breaches that covered entities will need to report in the future.  Here’s how: Up to now, covered entities were allowed a certain amount of discretion when determining whether a security or privacy incident qualified as a reportable breach.  They were able to apply a somewhat subjective “risk…

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Visual Guide to the Impact of Omnibus HIPAA

Recently, we published three Infographics that discuss the impact of Omnibus HIPAA. We’ve combined these infographics into one report that details the affects of the new Rule on Business Associates, Notice of Privacy Practices and Breach Notifications.

The Essential Guide to Omnibus HIPAA

Ensure that your organization is prepared to meet the September 23, 2013 compliance deadline. Get your copy of The Essential Guide to Omnibus HIPAA, a seven-page summary of the Omnibus HIPAA Rule.

How Does Omnibus HIPAA Affect Breach Notifications?

The new federal Omnibus HIPAA Rule presents extensive revisions in HIPAA privacy and security requirements. The final rule on Breach Notifications, changes significant elements of the 2009 interim rule. To prepare for compliance, covered entities and business associates must: Understand the new process for assessing if a breach notification is required Modify their breach notification processes Be prepared to document those processes Ensure that all business associates understand how the new Rule applies to them and respond accordingly As part of our infographic series, we’ve compiled the changes that affect breach notifications. Check out the most recent infographic and get…

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What is the Impact of Omnibus HIPAA on Notice of Privacy Practices?

With the release of the Omnibus HIPAA Rule in January, a number of changes were made in areas affecting business associates, breach notification standards and Notice of Privacy Practices. Recently, we’ve been discussing these changes and working to educate business associates and covered entities on the new requirements that the Rule imposes. This week, we’re focused on the changes to Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP).