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  • Transform Your Hospital Service Desk into Stellar Support That Physicians Actually Appreciate

    Today, well-managed hospitals have learned that the impact of EHRs and other computer systems is at least as significant to hospital staff — in particular, clinical users — as it is to the institution’s technical infrastructure. Many hospitals have not yet incorporated a knowledgeable, dependable clinical component in their service desks, to the frustration of physicians. Historically, physicians have not been strong proponents of EHRs and they still aren’t in far too many institutions. Oft-labeled “helpless desks” designated to provide system support but don’t adequately meet physicians’ needs are the last straw for many.  Quality of medical care and overall…

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Phoenix Selected for Longterm Outsourcing by SWMRMC

Richardson, Texas and McComb, Mississippi —July 17, 2018—Phoenix Health Systems, the leading independent provider of hospital IT outsourcing and consulting services today announced that Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center has signed a long-term contract for IT department management and software and infrastructure support. Read the full press release here.

Spotlight: Our Outsourcing Approach

Phoenix Health Systems provides an integrated set of IT Outsourcing services, valued by many hospital leaders who need support in managing the  complexities of healthcare IT.  Many clients have renewed relationships repeatedly — appreciating our exceptional service delivery, commitment to accountability, and quantifiable ROI. Learn more…

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