For Over 25 Years, a Trusted IT Partner of Many Hospitals…

Since 1990, Phoenix has had one driving objective: to help improve healthcare through better information technology, by applying the highest standards of excellence and integrity.  At a reasonable cost.

 “Invested in Your Vision” is more than Phoenix’ tag line; it is the central tenet of a corporate culture built over years of committed, customized service to our clients, many of whom repeatedly renew our contracts. Over and over, Phoenix has demonstrated its strong investment in our clients, supporting their growth and prosperity through times of  transformation and modernization — and also in times of financial and operational difficulty, including during devastating natural disasters.

Superior People
At Phoenix, we are committed to the concepts of healthcare quality and individual hospital success.  We are passionate about the future of healthcare. From our leadership team to our subject matter experts and technical staff, we employ proven methodologies developed from years of experience in healthcare consulting and IT outsourcing. We understand first hand the fiscal, technological, and and demographic challenges you face, and we work closely with you — always with a personal, consultative approach.

Superior Solutions
Phoenix’s business model is based upon superior management and technical capabilities, supported by industry standard methodologies. These strengths are typically found in  larger companies. In fact, many of our staff have worked successfully with large healthcare IT firms, only to decide that a smaller, more agile, and more employee-friendly company is a better niche for them.

Our core values embrace a caring, flexible and nimble  approach that puts our clients and their users first. We know that IT based services are only effective if they achieve genuine business results, including cost savings wherever possible. Our integrated capabilities span the big picture of a hospital’s vision and goals,  but can be scaled to match the business requirement at hand. Our services are right-sized for you from the beginning, and we commit to our solution and pricing without surprises.

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