Ron Gue

Ronald L. Gue, Ph.D., President

Ron is renowned throughout the healthcare industry as a major pioneer and knowledge leader in the field of hospital information systems. As Founder of Phoenix Health Systems, he has led the organization for over 30years. His adept leadership has spanned the 25 years that Phoenix was privately owned through the period since the company’s 2014 acquisition by Medsphere Systems Corporation.

Ron has a B.E.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University. He began his career as a college professor at the University of Florida, followed by three years at Southern Methodist University, where he founded and chaired the University’s Computer Sciences Department. He founded The Medicus Corporation, a hospital IT outsourcing company, which was eventually acquired by HBO Corporation (now McKesson Healthcare Services). Ron later acquired and led Medical Systems International Corporation.

Ron also has served as a healthcare IT consulting practice leader/partner for national consulting firms, including Arthur Young & Co. and Dorenfest & Associates, working with U.S. and international healthcare organizations. He is the author of a textbook and many articles published in professional journals. Ron is a member of the National Advisory Council of the Whiting School of Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University.

D’Arcy Guerin Gue, Vice President, Industry Relations

A co-founder of Phoenix, D’Arcy has had numerous pivotal leadership roles in the growth of the organization. Currently,  she leads marketing and industry relations, services strategic planning, and knowledge management. She has led various strategic initiatives, including development of HIPAA-based security and privacy compliance tools and online education programs. Since Phoenix’ merger with Medsphere Systems Corporation, she also held the role of Marketing Director at Medsphere’s corporate level. She is the author of Guide to Medical Privacy and HIPAA, co-written by Steven Fox, and has published numerous papers and articles on healthcare information systems, HIPAA privacy and security, ICD-10, Meaningful Use and new technologies.

Edward Humphrey, Vice President, Outsourcing Services

Ed leads and provides outsourcing services in the areas of full and partial IT department leadership. He has strong expertise in diagnostic and strategic services, vendor evaluation, systems implementations, and compliance management. With over twenty-five years of experience in healthcare and IT executive management at a large variety of hospitals and multi-entity hospital systems, he works with clients’ senior management to balance IT capabilities and potential to meet organizational strategic goals.

Thomas Grove, Vice President, Consulting and Compliance Services

Tom leads Phoenix’ consulting practice, providing IT program and project management services. His broad expertise includes systems assessment; project planning, implementation and optimization; revenue cycle IT support; and a special focus on compliance-related projects such as Meaningful Use and HIPAA privacy and security. Tom has over 20 years of senior-level experience in healthcare IT consulting for numerous hospitals and large physician practice clients.

Justin Coker, Vice President, Leveraged IT Services

Justin manages all technical services including our popular traditional and clinical Service Desk operations, hosting, leveraged remote and onsite technical support, network monitoring, security and other infrastructure services. With over 20 years of experience, he possesses extensive and proven experience with all facets of enterprise information technology, in addition to the practiced ability to pursue and exceed our clients’ IT goals. He has been responsible for managing infrastructural implementation and security engagements for many hospitals and hospital systems.

Doug Etue, Business Development Executive

Doug has an outstanding multi-year history with Phoenix, and over 20 years of experience in building client relationships and leading people. He is recognized for his laser focus on analyzing and understanding client needs, and energetically driving customer satisfaction. Starting with his family healthcare business, he actively lives by his father’s motto, “Our lives’ meaning is to help make every place that you go, and every person that you meet, better than before.” Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida.