Phoenix Health Systems is proud to have many satisfied hospital and health system clients! If you decide to consider a partnership with Phoenix , we will be happy to offer references. Here is a sample of what you will hear:

From a 200-bed southeastern 2 hospital system with multiple practices (full IT department outsourcing client):

“Our new Phoenix ITO team is really doing a great job… I’m seeing the ship turn in the right direction.  We have a long way to go but I feel like the team you have assembled will get us to stability and help IT become the enabler it should be within the hospital.  Thank you for your dedication and much-improved support.”

From a 250 bed western community hospital (technology outsourcing and consulting client):

“We outsource our technology services to Phoenix  for two reasons — difficulty attracting talent and inability to create and maintain infrastructure for our EMR transition.  Phoenix is a great partner and has done an excellent job modernizing our technology services and infrastructure.”

From an eastern multi-entity hospital system (consulting and full IT outsourcing client):

“Phoenix has been a valued partner for many years and we are pleased to continue our relationship. With the complicated issues facing our Health System, Phoenix provides the continuity, dependability and cost predictability that our organization relies upon.  Phoenix has been responsive to our needs and continues to provide value to our organization.”

From a 225 bed midwestern community hospital client (technology outsourcing and consulting client):

“Phoenix brings a higher level of technical expertise which has been a recruitment challenge in the past. This allows us to ensure our continuing success at delivering high quality health care through our Electronic Health Record system. The vast knowledge and experience Phoenix brings to the hospital is further enhanced by their Leveraged Service Center. Phoenix is committed to superior customer service that coincides with our philosophy.”