Strategic Consulting

The modern healthcare organization is increasingly dependent on the skillful and strategic use of information technology to survive and thrive. As budgets tighten and other resources become even more scarce,  IT demands become increasingly complicated and many hospitals find themselves without the knowledge and depth of experience that are critical to navigating the increasingly challenging environment.  Phoenix Health Systems’ consultants can help.

Our experienced consultants can help you lay out an IT road map through what can seem like a maze of issues:

  • meaningful use
  • industry trends
  • cost-saving needs
  • new technologies
  • accountable care
  • changing reimbursements

We can assist your organization in navigating IT industry standards and best practices, and the ever-increasing competitive pressures. We help our clients focus their resources where they are most critical, enhancing the facility’s longterm viability and strength.

We focus on helping our hospital clients use IT, not as an end in itself, but as an enabling tool that can be leveraged to cost-effectively support their short- and long-term organizational vision. Focused on internal and external stakeholders, the plan will define high-level goals for information technology and operational development and optimization, directly supporting the organizational financial and patient-care goals.