We provide cloud storage of shared information assets -- available on an as-needed basis. AND we provide dedicated hosting of your servers in a secure data center facility. Then, we manage it. Diligently.

Cloud Computing Solutions

As more hospitals deploy electronic health records and PACS systems, the need for computing power and secure storage pushes old data centers towards obsolescence. Hospitals need to modernize hardware and infrastructure — a move which, typically, is expensive and requires expanded facilities. Cloud computing offers several benefits:

  • Shared resources, software, and information are provided to your organization’s computers and other devices on an as needed basis over the Internet — a highly cost effective storage solution. You pay only for what you need, when you need it.
  • Phoenix’s cloud services are flexible, providing rapid server deployment, installation time and go-live.
  • Our services offer nearly unlimited scalability and elasticity as resources can be dynamically added and subtracted to meet application needs and manage costs.

Remote Hosting Services

For clients who prefer dedicated off-site data center resources, Phoenix’ remote hosting services provide a secure, consistent option.

Phoenix leases or co-locates your servers in a secure data center facility in one of 33 cities nationwide, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure. This solution delivers availability and resiliency for business-critical applications, with no sharing of computing resources. Phoenix will manage your data center and provide around-the-clock monitoring & response services.