In this era of healthcare IT meaningful use and accountable care, Phoenix' years of strategic planning expertise and vendor experience will help you create the road map into your future.

If your current hospital IT goals are intended primarily to avoid federal penalties or facilitate reimbursements, you are missing a major opportunity to provide better care and eventually reduce costs.  In fact, without a strategic vision for your IT investments, your hospital’s costs may well increase, and you may realize no significant benefits. Savvy hospitals know better.

EHRs and other IT tools — selected wisely, implemented properly and optimized to replace outdated processes — can improve the quality of care and reduce your overall operating costs. For example, with embedded decision support tools, your EHR can guide evidence-based care, prevent duplicated procedures, improve care coordination for patients, and generate quality data in real time to improve health outcomes.

To remain competitive, and perhaps even to survive, hospitals are headed toward a nationally integrated healthcare environment — a foundation for innovation, accountable care, rewards for excellence, and patient empowerment. Your strategic planning must complement these efforts.

IT Assessment: 

Phoenix’ IT assessments focus on helping your executive team refine or even transform its vision for sustainably serving their communities.  To provide a comprehensive foundation for strategic IT planning, we establish clear baselines; develop gap analyses of current hardware, software and human resources; and define areas for technical and related process improvements. Our documented, industry-standard methodologies include:

  • Meetings with executive staff to understand the enterprise’s vision, objectives and constraints.
  • Discussions with management and users concerning current technology effectiveness.
  • Assessment of current hardware and software systems and resources
  • Review of the IT department’s organizational structure, policies and procedures, processes, staffing, and governance
  • Review of spending to evaluate cost-effectiveness of the organization’s IT investment

The results of our assessment are reported in an executive-level presentation, indicating the current status of the IT environment, identifying significant issues, and recommending a future course of action.

IT Strategic Planning: It’s All About Your Future

Phoenix’ strategic planning methodology is intended to lay out an IT road map through what can seem like a maze of issues: meaningful use, industry trends, cost-saving needs, new technologies, accountable care, reimbursements, and — most critically — longterm viability and strength.

Our planning work considers national and state initiatives, including accountable care organization (ACO) and health information exchange (HIE) participation. IT industry standards and best practices, security,,  emerging technologies, and all organizational factors that rely on or impact IT are factored.  The result is a detailed program for success.

We focus on helping our hospital clients use IT, not as an end in itself, but as an enabling environment that will cost-effectively support their short- and long-term organizational vision. Focused on internal and external stakeholders, the plan will define high-level goals for information technology and operational development and optimization, in direct relationship with organizational financial and care objectives.