Hospitals must maintain a robust security / privacy program to help ensure quality patient care, retain community confidence, AND achieve Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2.

In order to succeed, healthcare enterprises must ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, including HIPAA Privacy and Security, and HITECH.

As the healthcare industry moves through the stages of Meaningful Use, patient information will be shared across geographic, organizational, and IT vendor boundaries, often through mobile devices. This evolution adds significant new security and privacy risks. These risks require innovative new strategies to secure information efficiently.

Phoenix, a recognized leader in privacy and security, has the expertise and technology to support your organization’s compliance efforts.


Omnibus HIPAA Compliance: We can help. To ensure compliance, we will perform an Impact Assessment, provide a report and recommendations based on our assessment, and prepare a compliance plan that combines immediate remediation and training steps with long-term continuous improvement.

Security and/or Privacy Risk Analysis: Our information and network risk analysis compares your data protection processes to industry standards such as the HIPAA/HITECH requirements. Once our in-depth analysis is complete, we develop and present a comprehensive executive report and security remediation plan.

Security Management Services: Our experts assist your organization to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective information protection program. This can include, but is not limited to the development of written policies and procedures, the implementation of security control processes, support of security product selection and implementation, and providing customized training.

Monitoring Services: In order to validate that privacy and security controls continue to function properly, we provide remote security monitoring of corporate networks, creating and recording trend information over time.