An efficiently operating revenue cycle is based on a well-designed and properly implemented billing system.

Phoenix Health Systems has experts on staff with comprehensive experience in billing systems, revenue cycle management, and program administration, applied to acute care hospitals and physician practices.

We can perform a number of services related to revenue cycle optimization, depending on your organization’s unique needs.

Our Services Include:

Workflow Assessments
Assess efficiency of current revenue cycle billing and management processes and make (and implement) standardized processes and procedures that make the best use of your team’s limited time to recover maximum revenue.  These assessments typically include the development of management processes to measure the productivity and quality of each revenue cycle process and resource, enabling management to extract the best value from their limited human resources

Systems Assessments
An efficiently operating revenue cycle is based on a well-designed and properly implemented billing system.  Our revenue cycle systems experts work with your team to ensure that your organization is getting the maximum value from your billing systems.

Systems Selections and Implementation
Our experts in revenue cycle systems work hand-in-hand with your revenue cycle and IT resources to properly define business requirements and best-practice workflows for your new system, then guide the project through vendor selection, implementation, testing and training.

Denial Assessment and Avoidance Services
Our experts work with your business office leadership to identify trends in denials, and develop training and processes to avoid those denials.    These services may be used at any time, but are especially valuable after a key system transition, such as a billing system installation or in the first months following the transition to ICD-10, where the rapid identification of new patterns and implementing remediation strategies is critical to avoiding large cash-flow impacts.