We offer it all...affordable 24 X 7 X 365 on-shore Service Desk expertise,
ITIL standards, specialized clinical support, real time reporting metrics,
and happy hospital users. Perfect.

Managing your Service Desk operations should not be at the top of your mind. Ever. But because Meaningful Use compliance has greatly increased physicians’ and clinicians’ IT usage, many hospitals’ service staffs have been stretched beyond their limits.

You can do away with the burden of Service Desk staffing, ongoing training, supporting multiple disparate systems, and correcting low performance. We provide hospitals seamless world class, round-the-clock support — that you can have too. For what you’re spending now, or even less. Clients have achieved 20-30% cost savings through outsourcing Service Desk with Phoenix.

Phoenix Health Systems’ expert, US-based healthcare service desk team has average answering speeds of 30 seconds or less – and the fastest first call resolution in the industry. We manage all incidents with your brand from greeting through issue resolution. Your users will simply dial a hospital extension, and we’ll answer at once. From our state-of-the-art Leveraged Services Center in suburban Dallas, our round-the-clock Help Desk analysts apply standardized workflow methods with a caring touch, and refresh their knowledge continuously.

Our Service Desk capabilities include Clinical Service Desk support.  These specialized agents understand your EHR’s modules and how to work with them.  In most cases othey have clinical experience; even so, all of them receive comprehensive training on every clinical system they support. Equally vital, each agent respects the unique urgency and potential impact of their clinical support responsibilities. A simple answer to a “How To” question from a physician may significantly affect a patient’s care. A quickly resolved application outage may help ensure patient safety. Our agents provide immediate,  knowledgeable and concerned response to users of EHRs and other clinical systems.

We are proud that our clients consistently laud our team for its fast, expert, and diligent attention – what we call a “best practices / best services” experience. Our advanced reporting metrics prove our results – and they’re always available to you.

We can provide you either 24/7 full time Service Desk service, OR integrate with your onsite staff to give superb off hours support.  With advanced infrastructure and application monitoring tools, our support analysts can often anticipate problems before your users call. Calls are documented, to add to a knowledge base that is leveraged to assist in future calls.

  • Healthcare-only focus
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Specialized physician support
  • Clinical and business applications support
  • Trained and certified analysts
  • Scalable on-shore operation
  • Comprehensive implementation
  • Knowledge management
  • ITIL Standards based methodology and procedures
  • Metrics reporting and analysis
  • Proactive infrastructure and applications monitoring
  • Fast start-up transition

Download our 24X7X365 Service Desk information sheet. PHS Service Desk