Phoenix has the right experience and the right staff to make your system implementation a success.

As a vendor-independent services provider, Phoenix offers a customized approach to every system implementation — accompanied by state of the art methodologies.

Phoenix works with our clients’ IT staff, users and software vendors to develop project teams, plans, timelines, and manage the numerous concurrent initiatives, human resources and technologies that comprise IT systems implementations.

We ensure that our hospital clients will benefit via winner solutions through:

  • Defining project requirements, scope, tasks, objectives and deliverables, including timelines and milestones.
  • Allocating and managing resources.
  • Collaborating closely with hospital leadership.
  • Providing management and training for process changes.
  • Tracking and managing budgetary issues, including regular client reporting.
  • Providing stringent quality assurance management.

Whether it’s a new or replacement system, an optimization need or related initiatives,  how your IT projects are managed can make or break their success. No matter the promises made by software vendors, every implementation must meet ROI objectives and provide needed and expected value to your staff, your organization as a whole — and always, your patients. Only objective, vendor-independent advisors and implementation leaders can make that happen.