The right EHR system is key to a hospital's operational stability, flexibility, ability to meet compliance requirements, and improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care. We will guide you through your procurement process successfully.

Selecting an EHR system is a critical decision for every hospital and often a daunting task. Your hospital’s final choice is likely to have a profound change in your operations, the quality of patient care, medical staff satisfaction, and profitability.

As a vendor-independent services provider, Phoenix offers a customized approach to every system selection process. We have experience with all major healthcare IT vendors and products and understand that for maximum benefit, your electronic health records (EHRs) and associated technologies should be optimized for best performance and chosen carefully to meet the unique needs of your hospital.

  • Assessment of needs, budget, and ROI requirements
  • Set EHR goals
  • Research and prioritize EHR vendor options
  • Management of Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes
  • Compare vendors
  • Oversee vendor demonstrations
  • Scheduling of site visits
  • Assist in the final decision-making process via various decision support activities including contract negotiations